Second Hand Roses: Book Release

by 2ndhandroses on 2010/02/13


Second Hand Roses: The Junktiquing Road

Second Hand Roses: The Junktiquing Road

Are you a thrift store junkie? Do you find yourself drawn to all things second hand?  Can you barely pass by an antique store without feeling the urge to stop in for just a moment (or hour) or two? 

Are you intrigued by the backstory of some of life’s castoffs? 

Join me as I venture down the Junktiquing Road and consider the story behind the trinkets I discover and learn valuable life lessons from seemingly nondescript everyday items.

The book, Second Hand Roses: The Junktiquing Road is here!  For anybody having picked up an old mysterious implement, gazed across time into the faces of hundred-year-gone “instant” ancestors, opened the dusty pages of a venerable book, or marvelled at ancient (read: no batteries required) toys, this book is for you.

Consider purchasing the book for yourself or someone you love who is also a “junker,” “picker,” or general all-around second-hand aficionado.

Now available on Amazon!  You can buy it by clicking on this link.



You can also buy it at Barnes and Noble by clicking here:

Dawn Edwards is a 43-year-old writer, medical transcriptionist, blogger, work-at-home mom, and a long time self-professed thrift store “junkie.”

Published in various magazines, books, and on websites, Dawn brings her special literary skills to new heights in her first book. She lives in a tiny town west of Chicago with her husband, Alexander, and her beautiful son, Julius.  An avid second-hand shopper, Dawn is always looking for inspiration.

To listen to her interview on Blog Talk Radio with Michelle Vandepas


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Joe 2010/05/26 at 9:05 pm

Good for you! I will order one today!

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