Hand Out Hope

by 2ndhandroses on 2010/07/01

Hunger and Giving

Hand Out Hope

Why do I donate?

One word.  Hope.

Hope that the sweater I cull from my collection, a sweater I have not worn in well over a year, will once again serve its purpose and warm somebody during a cold winter evening.

Hope that the frying pan I barely ever use can find its way into the home of someone needing to prepare a nice meal for their hungry family.

Thrift Store Fashion

New Clothes to Someone

Hope that the still-useful pants my ever-growing boy has already outgrown will help complete a wardrobe for a kid returning to school this fall.

Hope that the T-shirt with the silly slogan will bring amusement and a welcome new addition to that school wardrobe.

Hope that the extra coffee maker I really never ended up even unboxing after last Christmas will brew many a pot for someone needing that morning fix like me.

Hope that the dresser I outgrew once again finds a home and a nice way to store life’s essentials for someone setting up their first household.

Hope that those seemingly ten-million crayons that my son no longer needs provides hours of coloring fun to another young artist.

Hope that the bike my son recently replaced with his newer birthday bike finds its way into the hands of an eager youngster yearning to hit the road.

Hope for All of Us

Do One Good Deed Today

Hope that those picture frames I never really got around to using end up holding memories for another nice family.

Hope that the suit my husband has let sit in his closet for what seems like millennia, can provide the means for someone to have the opportunity to secure a job and thus restore some sense of dignity.

Hope that those darling children’s books, now so-babyish to my almost-teenager, can yet again open the pages to wonder for another scholar.

Hope that through these donations I don’t contribute to the already burgeoning local landfills.

Hope that through my donations, I can help someone with barriers to employment find the way to overcome this obstacle.

Hope that with the money I may potentially save a buyer will in turn be used for something productive, and thus my donations’ value will multiply in both monetary and intrinsic ways.

Hope that by recycling rather than turning to producing new items for everyday use, Mother Earth will benefit as well.

Hope that I have done my part to show just even the smallest token of love to my fellow man.

And selfishly,

Hope that my son will see my efforts and continue the tradition.

Julius with a donation

Give a little Hope

 “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” – Walter Winchell, American newspaper and radio commentator.

Donate to Goodwill

Donate to Goodwill

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donna 2010/07/02 at 4:40 am

Very Nice! Love the ideas that you have shared here!

Michelle Vandepas 2010/07/02 at 7:19 am

very nice post.. I have to go donate now……

Corinne Edwards 2010/07/02 at 9:03 am

An outstanding article, Dawn.

You will inspire many to start clearing our their closets and houses.

It will not only benefit Good Will, but will benefit us to get rid of all that stuff.

Kemi Ingram 2010/07/13 at 1:43 pm

I LOVE this post so much! 🙂 I hope that my kids will learn the same.

2ndhandroses 2010/08/01 at 10:19 am

Thanks, Kemi,
I appreciate the nice words. I think there’s a lesson in here somewhere and hopefully my son (and maybe your kids!) will think about donating their outgrown things to help someone else.

Violet 2010/09/29 at 11:33 am

Very nice post! I will go through my stuff too and donate it!

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