Giving Instant Ancestors New Life

by 2ndhandroses on 2014/03/12

Ishizu cheap tiffany ishtar Ishizu’s design incorporates multiple layers of clothing and a variety of expressions.She is sleek in build and has tanned skin.She wears the century necklace around her neck prior to giving it to yugi.Ishizu’s first outfit includes a long ankle length dress partially bearing her shoulders featuring gold patterns around the neck and the rims of the sleeves.Her jewellery is made up of gold piece of headwear circling her head and featuring an emerald where it meets at the front.During the battle city contest she wears a cream colored sleeveless one piece dress with the bottom similar to a sarong, a matching waist length veil which widens and spreads below her neck and gold sandals.Her jewellery covers gold braclets, ankle joint braclets, armbands and brooch bearing a person’s eye of wdjat on her veil.Marik, who was forbidden to leave the pharaoh’s tomb since it might divert his attention away from his heritage, convinced ishizu to let him vacation outside.Marik no longer wanted as a tomb keeper and when he was forced to take the initiation ritual being a full tomb keeper, he unwillingly exposed yami marik, who took the century rod for himself.In the manga dark marik actually skinned his father with it and then threw the skin of his father’s back(Bearing the scars of his signature initiation ritual)Onto the back of the other than conscious odion.In japan anime he killed his father to stop him from killing.In the english anime he sent his father to the cisco kid realm.Still, yami marik was covered away in marik’s body by odion.Ishizu attempts to stop marik’s quest of unlocking the potency of the pharaoh for himself by taking the egyptian god card,”Obelisk all tormentor”Before getting to marik can.Ishizu is the assistant general of the egyptian supreme council of antiquities.She became a museum curator in order to lure yugi muto and seto kaiba to conserve marik from his darker alter ego, yami marik.She gifted kaiba”Obelisk a new tormentor”In substitution for him starting the battle city tournament, where he could acquire the god cards, but told him that regardless he would end up giving back the card.She had predicted this with the help of her millennium necklace.Ishizu is approved to the battle city quarter finals, in areas she duels kaiba.She forecasts all of kaiba’s moves and foresees her victory, but an image of compels kaiba to summon”Blue eyes white monster”Rather than Obelisk.Kaiba statements to make his own future and tributes”Obelisk you see, our own tormentor”Furthermore”Gadget gift”To summon Blue eyes white monster, hence avoiding his forecast defeat.Coming her loss, ishizu gives the centuries necklace to yugi, claiming that it is not really necessary as the future it predicts is not infallible and can be changed.Within finals where yugi faced marik, odion convinces marik to accept requirement, liberating him from yami marik.Ishizu and marik are then able to satisfy their duties as tomb keepers, by revealing the pharaoh’s memory which in fact had been carved(Needled on in the english anime)Into marik’s back.Ishizu, marik and odion then make contact with egypt to start a new life.Wedding ceremony pharaoh recovers his memories and his name in the dawn of the duel arc, ishizu, marik and odion lead yugi and his friends to the tomb of the pharaoh in order for pharaoh atem and yugi to have a final duel in order to determine if the spirit will move on to the afterlife or remain in today’s for another 5, 000 years and long time.After she will lose to yugi, her millennium necklace gets distributed around 1 of the millennium item cards.Her appearance is slightly different and her disposition is more fierce, greatly in contrast to to how she appears in the anime and manga.Main file:’s DecksIshizu usually plays a Fairy Deck, But in contrast to the regular Fairy Type monsters, Ishizu’s Fairies are EARTH Attribute and have Egyptian looks.In her duel against kaiba ishizu works by allowing kaiba to destroy her magic and monster cards and turns his strategy back on him with”Market of the spirit, leaving kaiba with only six cards left in his deck while ishizu’s cards were repaired.She then depended on”Muko”To negate kaiba’s draws until he was commanded to summon”Obelisk generally tormentor, ishizu thought of to destroy”Obelisk”Suffering from”Compromise blast, but a vision from the century rod convinced kaiba to win using his”Blue eyes white monster”Rather, undoubtedly negating ishizu’s strategy by sacrificing”Obelisk”To summon the monster.

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